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            Image of KEMET Solutions for Energy Infrastructure


            ON Semiconductor 和 KEMET 提供全面的節能解決方案組合,在此能源基礎設施演進中著重于可再生和清潔能源。

            Image of KEMET's AE Series Resin-Coated Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuators


            KEMET 的 AE 系列樹脂涂層多層壓電致動器具有緊湊的尺寸、多種形狀和廣泛的應用前景。

            Image of KEMET's Application Guide


            KEMET 是電子元器件制造的行業領導者。此應用指南將向您詳細介紹其產品的最常見應用。


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            Recent PTMs

            5 minutes
            Flex Suppressor Sheets
            Thin, flexible polymer sheets embedded with a micro-magnetic alloy designed to suppress electromagnetic and radio frequency (or EMI and RFI).
            10 minutes
            Advantages of Using a Varistor
            An introduction to varistors and the benefits they offer, as well as a comparison between varistors and diodes.
            5 minutes
            AC Line Filters
            Kemet's AC line filters are a subset of the EMI suppression components. Other EMI offerings include EMI cores, flex suppressor sheets, and power inductors.
            10 minutes
            Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
            This presentation will cover some basics of aluminum, construction and manufacturing of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, followed by main application and electrical parameters.
            10 minutes
            SMD Film Solutions
            This presentation will provide an overview of the SMD Film Solutions available from KEMET.
            10 minutes
            Introduction to Ceramic ESD Capacitors
            General introduction to ESD and KEMET's ESD capacitor offering.

            About KEMET

            KEMET Corporation 是全球領先的電子元件供應商。我們為客戶提供業界最廣泛的電容器技術選擇,我們的產品覆蓋所有電介質并擴展到機電設備、電磁兼容性解決方案和超級電容器范圍。我們的愿景是,成為滿足客戶最高標準質量、交貨和服務需要的首選電子元件解決方案供應商。

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