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        Image of Digi International's Digi XBee® Ecosystem

        Digi XBee® 生態系統

        發現 Digi XBee® 生態系統,并開始快速建立您的物聯網解決方案原型。Digi 的 XBee 平臺包含各種硬件、軟件和開發工具,可幫助您快速啟動應用開發。

        Image of Digi International's Digi ConnectCore

        Digi ConnectCore® 系列 SOM

        Digi 的 ConnectCore® 系列系統級模塊 (SOM) 提供經過認證的 Wi-Fi® 和 Bluetooth® 無線模塊連接。

        Image of Digi International's Digi Cellular Routers

        Digi® 蜂窩路由器

        Digi-Key 推出一系列來自 Digi® 的專用蜂窩路由器,為您的最新物聯網連接項目提供了所需的解決方案。


        Featured Videos

        Digi International ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro | Digi-Key Daily
        Digi XBee Tools
        Digi International AnyWhereUSB Plus Hubs | Digi-Key Daily
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        Recent PTMs

        5 minutes
        Top 12 Digi XBee® Management Tools in XCTU
        Digi International's free XCTU software offers many valuable tools for configuring, testing, customizing, and managing Digi XBee® product.
        10 minutes
        Mapping a Digi XBee IoT Network with Digi XCTU
        This presentation will do a deep-dive into network mapping, a method for visualizing a network and manipulating the connectivity between devices.
        6 minutes
        IoT Device Security in Five Simple Steps
        Digi TrustFence® provides a tested and fully integrated Linux security framework designed for the long product life cycle of embedded devices
        6 minutes
        Digi Network Failover Solutions
        Failover is an important fault tolerance function of systems that rely on constant accessibility.
        5 minutes
        ConnectCore 6UL System-on-Module Platform Built on NXP's i.MX6UL
        Get products to market faster, smarter, and more secure with the new compact, Digi ConnectCore 6UL SOM.
        5 minutes
        Digi XBee Cellular Made Simple
        Cellular technologies are revolutionizing low-power Industrial IoT applications.

        About Digi International

        Digi International (Digi) 是任務關鍵型和業務關鍵型機器到機器 (M2M)、物聯網 (IoT) 連接產品和服務領域的全球領先提供商。我們協助客戶構建下一代互連產品,幫助他們在要求苛刻的環境中部署、管理好關鍵的通訊基礎設施。我們的嵌入式模塊和即用型路由器、網關和網絡產品專為踐行可靠性而設計,并擁有毋庸置疑的性能和安全性。我們基于云的軟件和專業的服務能幫助客戶將其互連產品和資產在范圍廣泛的任務關鍵型工業應用中投入使用。公司創立于 1985 年,迄今為止我們已幫助客戶建立了 1 億多個連接,并且保持了持續增長的勢頭。

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