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        • Preferred Supplier

        Bel Corporation

        Image of Bel's Power Solutions


        Bel 的 AC/DC、DC/DC 應用電源轉換和電源管理解決方案產品組合類型豐富,是同類中全球最大的產品組合之一。

        Image of Bel's Protection Solutions


        Bel 的電路保護產品組合包括目前市場上使用最廣泛的電路保護產品之一。

        Image of Bel's Connectivity Solutions


        Bel 的連接產品品牌提供各種系列的高品質、高性能連接器和電纜組件。


        Featured Videos

        5G Connectivity Solutions
        Cinch Dura-Con Micro-D Connectors | Digi-Key Daily
        Cinch Dura-Con Micro-D Connectors | Digi-Key Daily
        Bel Power Solutions DC-DC Railway Solutions for Rolling Stock & Trackside Applications

        Recent PTMs

        5 minutes
        Surface Mount Inductors (SMD) for Lighting
        An introduction to Signal's line of SMD Inductors for Lighting, including an overview of applications and markets, as well as safety and technology features incorporated into the series.
        10 minutes
        EcoTran Standard Series Transformers
        This presentation will provide an introduction to Signal's line of EcoTran Standard Series Transformers.
        10 minutes
        DIN Rail AC-DC and DC-DC Power Supplies
        DIN Rail power supplies are commonly specified for industry equipment, test and measurement equipment, wireless communications, renewable energy, instrumentation, robotics and automation applications.
        10 minutes
        Railway and Harsh Environment Products
        MELCHER products are designed to meet the highest national and international standards for harsh environments
        5 minutes
        High Current Toroidal Inductor Line
        The presentation highlights the features and benefits of the HCTI series and provides an overview of where and how the parts are used.
        10 minutes
        Dual Winding Inductors in SEPIC Converters
        View the basic SEPIC converter circuitry with the various available Signal Transformer Dual Winding Inductor series.

        About Bel

        Bel 及其事業部主要致力于網絡、電信、高速數據傳輸、商業航空、軍用、運輸和消費類電子領域產品的設計、制造和銷售。公司產品包括磁性元件(分立式元件、電力變壓器和集成了磁性元件的 MagJack? 連接器)、模塊(DC-DC 轉換器和 AC-DC 電源、集成式模擬前端模塊和定制設計)、電路保護產品(微型、微小型表面貼裝和 PPTC 自恢復保險絲)和互連器件(微型、環形和濾波式 D-Sub 連接器、光纖連接器、無源插孔、插頭、無線電 (RF)、微波連接器和高速電纜組件)。公司的制造工廠遍布全球。